Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Our son, PFC Timothy Donley USMC (age 20), was severely wounded in Afghanistan on February 9, 2012. While on foot patrol, Tim stepped on an improvised explosive device (IED), causing the loss of both of his legs (above the knees) and seriously injuring his right arm which may require many surgeries in order to restore function. Though an extremely sad and difficult trial, Tim's faith is very strong and his spirits are high. He has repeatedly acknowledged that God is good and His purposes are right and true. He shared these truths with his fellow Marines at the time of the explosion and has continued to be true to the Lord. Tim is truly our hero.

Many people have expressed a desire to help him in some tangible way. Our friends have helped us to set up this account so that those who are interested are able to give online. Tim will encounter many unusual expenses in his lifetime that you and I can't even begin to list or know. We are so very grateful for anything that you choose to do for him and pray that God will bless you abundantly. We ESPECIALLY appreciate your prayers for his recovery and rehabilitation. This will be a very long process and has already required more grace and patience than we ever thought possible. God is good. He has met every need of our hearts. Please continue to pray for Tim and for us as a family. Thank you, the Donleys

The Donley Family after Tim was honored with the Purple Heart medal

Monday, October 15, 2012

Please Pray for Tim's Right Arm; some words from Kathryn and Tim

First, a few words of update and explanation from Kathryn,
And to think that I was going to do an update this morning… I guess Tim's words already say it all. There is talk that his elbow joint (muscles, tendons and ligaments combined) is not stable enough to be 'opened' so that he can get greater range of motion. It is currently fused in place at about 90 degrees. At this point, he has function in about 80% of ONE nerve in his right hand. There are THREE nerves that make your hand function. The other two seem to be AWOL. From a human standpoint, the more time that passes, the less likely that the nerves will regenerate and/or the muscles respond to them. But we KNOW and BELIEVE that God's ways are higher than our ways; His purposes far above our purposes. Our gaze must be fixed on our Savior. Please continue to PRAY for our Tim. He needs us to circle around him now and request HEALING and FAITH. Your prayers have held us together through these long months. There aren't adequate words to thank you for that. Can you keep going? We SO APPRECIATE your efforts in prayer for Timothy. THANK YOU!! Wish that we knew each and every one of you, but we send much love, 
The Donleys

And, some thoughts from Tim as he faces yet another challenge:

Let the onslaught begin anew. I stand ready, coldly waiting with a steady hand, ready to fight til my last breath. I have fear in my heart and a tongue unashamed to admit it. Everyone is afraid, yet only your actions matter.
I've tried to write this a half a dozen times. But how to express the cry of loss from a heart full of anguish? Do words ever avail? The Holy Spirit understands my cry, yet how do I write so you may stand with me?
So many of the things I love can never be returned to me, yet I do my best to face that. Time and again I have accepted new limitations, but time and time again they fling themselves back in my face. The simple knowledge of how much more capable I would be if only my right arm were unharmed is the most frightening of all. The constant press of salt into a wound is less painful. I've had the hope that at some point in the future, my elbow might be fixed and so much of what'

s wrong will right itself. Now I discover that it quite possibly might never be so. The light I've blindly stumbled toward in the dark for all this time has suddenly disappeared and I find myself afraid. There's so much I yearn and ache to be able to do again, and so much of it I thought I could reattain. Now, I wait, unsure and dismayed. My heart and soul cry and sob for the hope I've lost, yet my mind is clear.
Everyday I push it all away and focus with everything I am on my Savior. Everyday the onslought begins anew.
I will fight.
Let it come.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Update from Kathryn

I'm so blessed that there are folks that are actually fasting and praying for Timothy every Monday!!! It has spurred me to do the same, but I'm ashamed to say that I didn't actually schedule it weekly myself before these wonderful ladies began. It seems like a "no brainer" - especially for his own mom!! I want to make sure to give you all plenty to pray for :)

The event on Saturday was fun! There were all kinds of old, classic and hot rod cars as well as military and fire trucks - all that we actually had enough time to look at! We ate funnel cakes for the first time in years and saw some old friends from high school and since, as well as some faithful family that make time to see Tim whenever we're in the area. The rain came blowing in at about 3:40PM and most of the tents had been dismantled before it hit.

 I saw Tim's legs tonight - bandages off - they look a lot better than they did last week. He has another ultrasound treatment with wound care tomorrow morning. He won't be able to get casted for new prosthetic sockets until his wounds are completely healed. His legs are still aching from deep within as well. I'm not sure if anyone really understands why. We trust that they are being healed by God's own hand - in His time and His way. And HE certainly knows that we are incapable of understanding His ways. He is good and we remain steadfast in our faith in His goodness.

Tim banged his right elbow last evening - a sober reminder that his arm is still pretty vulnerable, especially near the elbow joint where his scapula is grafted to his ulna's 'knob'. He's a bit like a pieced quilt. A bit of back here, some forearm there. ;) Please continue to pray that his bone graft and flap will remain safe and continue to heal. If you looked back to pictures from March and April, you would be AMAZED at the tremendous healing that has taken place! We are truly thankful for the part that YOU played in the process.
Please continue to pray for Timothy's heart and spirit. This process takes a tremendous amount of patience. My experience with young men…? Most 20 year-old guys don't have a lot of it. Please pray that Timothy will be granted the needed patience and get to enjoy the fruit of it - maturation and completeness.
It's late and I'm fading…. Goodnight friends.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Golf Outing Fundraiser to Benefit Tim

Hope Community Church will hold its 4th annual men's golf outing at Twin Ponds Golf Course on Sunday, September 23rd. This year's outing will be a fundraiser to support Tim Donley during his recovery. We appreciate the sacrifice Tim has made for our freedoms, and we are grateful to give back to him in some small way.

We welcome golfers or business sponsors for this event.  For more information, contact Mike Gunderson at swingsandwingsgolf@gmail.com or 610.369.0927

  • Location:  Twin Ponds Golf Course, Gilbertsville, PA
  • Date:  Sunday, September 23, 2012   
  • Time:  12:00 pm Registration, 1:00 pm Tee Time
  • Hot Wings Dinner and Awards - 6:00 pm at Hope Community Church, Gilbertsville, PA
  • Cost:  $60 (includes cart, 18-hole scramble, pin events, and dinner)
Various sponsorship opportunities available

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Update and Prayer Requests

THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH FOR PRAYING! Thank God, Tim has made some real progress since the 9th. They have removed 4 deep muscle drains and 2 wound vacs since then. His blood pressure has improved some (good enough to keep him off the "we have to check his vital signs every 15 minutes" list) and his pain is more controlled - though still a "6" or so. He's eating a bit and acting more like himself. How you can pray: 1. Pain relief 2. Protection from infection 3. An increase in blood pressure 4. Good sleep Those are definitely the main things at this point. Another prayer request: Tim's dad spontaneously grabbed for a falling CD this morning and thinks that he's ripped the bicep that was mended. That is terribly discouraging for him - us too. :( The Donleys need lots of grace right now. We're also searching for schools in the area for Adam to attend. If you'd like to pray for him, put yourself in the shoes of a 10th grader who is completely unfamiliar with the area attending another new school... and pray accordingly. Again, we are so thankful and humbled by so many who are faithfully praying for us. God is GOOD...ALL the time!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Another Surgery

From Tim:

Hey everybody! Sorry its been so long since I posted last. Things have been so crazy. My unit got back from Afghanistan this last week!!! :) I can't even explain how happy and relieved and thankful I am that they all made it back. I mean, my whole company is ok. Two of us were hurt but other than that, everybody is fine! God is so very good. As incredible a request as it was, God kept EVERYBODY safe. Thank you Lord. 
Please be praying of my guys though. some have returned to find their girlfriend, fiancĂ©, or wife has left them. they're going to have a hard time reintegrating into society. Most of them suffer from PTSD because of the trials they went through. Please take time each and every day for those who protect our country. They need to be loved, even if they don't see it. They need to be held and comforted. Please pray that God would be their comfort and peace and love. 
Please. Support our troops in prayer.
I would also ask that you might pray for me. I have a pretty big surgery tomorrow and I'm gonna be in a lot of pain. Thank you so much.. all of you. Thank you. Your prayers mean so much to me.

Honor in service. Duty for love.

POST SURGERY UPDATE from Kathryn: Tim finished surgery about an hour ago. His epidural did not work and his pain has been a 10." He sure needs his prayer warriors now.

Monday, July 23, 2012


Timothy was at the orthopedic surgeon's today - his amputee specialist, to be exact. After seeing x-rays from last week, the doctor has decided to operate on Tim's legs to remove the most troublesome of the HO as well as a large piece of shrapnel in his right leg that can be felt from the surface. Tim's pre-op appointment is August 2 and the surgeon is hoping to operate sometime during the next week. The surgery is very involved and the details will probably gross some of you out. Suffice it to say that it will be painful and he will not be allowed to walk in his prosthetics for at least 6 weeks to allow for proper healing of the main muscle flap to the bone. HOWEVER, after having been out of his legs for the last three weeks because of all the painful spots, he is excited to have the surgery and the anticipation of EVENTUALLY getting back up walking and hopefully, getting a better platform to walk on.

Tim has some other big stuff coming up: - a trip to Vail, CO with his brother, Gregg, where he'll do different activities with other wounded warriors. Dates: July 25-29 - a trip to Camp LeJeune to have a homecoming with his Marine Unit 1/8 coming home from Afghanistan. Dates: July 30-Aug 1 - another EMG (nerve conduction test) for his right arm that basically consists of sticking electrolized needles into the muscles and nerves to determine nerve activity. Ouch! Date: It is presently scheduled for Aug 8, but the timing is not coordinating well with his HO surgery, so we're hoping to get it moved up in the schedule.

PRAISES: - Tim hasn't been without his struggles, but he remains generally upbeat, positive and standing strong for the Lord. - He has a lot of cool opportunities to meet new people, visit new places and experience new things. - He has really appreciated your notes and encouragements and ESPECIALLY visits :) - He has absolutely enjoyed his month of 'leave' that is soon drawing to a close. - He is enjoying excellent care from providers who are truly heroes to us. - He is the recipient of many prayers prayed from MANY locations around the world!!! And he is so very grateful for your extended efforts on his behalf. As are we. THANK YOU!!!!!

PRAYER REQUESTS: - As re-habbing people often tend to do... they push themselves too hard and cause themselves pain (above and beyond the pain of the injury). That pretty much describes both Tim and his Dad right now. Please pray for wisdom and moderation and deliverance from pain. - As people who are living together and in high-stress circumstances tend to do... we are getting on each other's nerves. Pray for LOTS of patience and grace. - Please pray that the trip to Vail would be a wonderful, unexpected blessing and that all his travels would be safe. - Please pray that Tim's Unit would travel and arrive safely home to NC. This will be the first time that he's seen the guys since he was injured. Pretty surreal. - Please pray that his heart and body would be prepared for his HO surgery that is approaching much more quickly than we initially anticipated. AGAIN, we THANK YOU so very much for your concern and the sacrifice you make to take time to pray for Timothy! YOU are appreciated! Much ♥, the Donleys